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And here in German: www.change.org/tageslichtkrebsschutz


Bruno politicial prisoner of German government ask for aid 50 per centAug. 31st – Mission ‚FREEDOM, Asylum and Life for Bruno‘ started – we informed differents embassies and asked for protection, human rights for Bruno [more asap here] – contact your ambassador in Germany [list by German Foreign Office]

Meanwhile Bruno is politicial prisoner – no one knows WHY! Secret judicial proceedings! NO fair hearing! Monday March 21st 2016 – 17:30 police rang, arrested the very puzzled Bruno and brought him directly into prison – no information why (Insult???)! Court verdictBut no one knew of any judicial proceeding. Secret trials as in every dictatorship!  ‚INSULT‘ was the only rumor, and no information who sued or was insulted. Bruno’s handicaps, caused by government were ignored (e.g. can’t read at moment and government deny reading loud machine or any other support, call instead handicapped human as ‚ASSHOLE‘). So he become POLITICAL PRISONER on behalf of German chancellor MERKEL (Christian Party)und prime minister of Blood Forest KRETSCHMANN (Green Party) – 89 days in prison with torture by DAYlight and ‚food‘ (sugar, noodles, white bread by diabetes # salt by kidney damage and high blood pressure # lactose by pffffff # and a lot more # no movement, only in cell # no watch, for weeks no radio, tv,… nothing # wrong drugs/medicine # …..

Bruno politicial prisoner of German government ask for aid Bruno politicial prisoner of German government

diary, cell description, food, …. here:


short link http://wp.me/P4HZVX-vH

coming soon on facebook ‚Light a candle for Bruno‘

Light a candle government blood forest frame baseOUR Human RightsEveryone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be

subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’

picture131 flagBLACK FOREST TODAY: Torture, incarcerated without daylight, extrajudicial executions, euthanasia – NO kidney and NO diabetes medications since 15/08/2014 = 3rd murder attempt by refuse of vital medicines – NO human rights – handicapped human have NO right to life – commanded by Winfried KRETSCHMANN prime minister of BLOOD FOREST and assassin of Bruno. (The 5 drops symbolize the Bollenhut, part of a typicall Black Forest costume) [more click here]

Listen World – Euthanasia in Germany – they slaughter humans again!

 Mr. Schillinger is a victim of political persecution and when he die, he is the first official German victim of social euthanasia after Nazi era.

AGAIN to ALL Member of European Parliament

II. Murdered for human rights!  Cry for life! Will MEP grant our human rights for all citizens ‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment? [link]

I..We asked all members of European Parliament to grant Human Rights and life of Bruno – We blamed Government of Black Forest Prime Minister Kretschmann and his authorities of the crimes against human rights and we claim for public investigation in a democratic state, by ICC and asylum for his last days! Until today no German politician, no Supervisory authority, no prosecutor has spoken with Mr. Schillinger. [link]


light 2725 UKUS final 02Since August 15, 2014 Bruno has no diabetic kidney drugs – denied by Prime Minister Kretschmann. GREEN, other GREEN member, all MP’s of BLOOD Forest and his bureauKrauts.They kill, slaughter human, to cover up their crimes against human rights. THE GREEN muncipal will banish him from village. Racists! Killer!

German church, archbishops Marx (CEO of bishops conference), Zollitsch (former CEO), Burger, bishop Uhl, Caritas president prelate Neher, all 27 German bishoprics, all Christian parishes (more than 2.000 in Germany), AND Vatican AND Pope Francis support this crimes against human rights, every humanity and own faith AND shelter the killer. Besides, German bishops have to made an oath TO  stat and government,  BEFORE the may become bishop! An oath to REICH and FUEHRER, YES this oath is based on Reich Concordat made with Nazi mass murder Adolf Hitler! Does anyone need an  further explanation, why Pope Francis, Vatican, church and Caritas support euthanasia? A simple phone call had stopped their friend, employer*, prime minister Kretschmann – not even a phone call for a human! *Yes, Kretschmann pay the bishops in Blood Forest state! On base of this  Reich Concordat, the German church collects billions of EURO, every year!

picture131 flagBesides Kretschmann is member not even brother in faith, He is member of Diocesan Council + Central Committee of Catholics + Donum Vitae + church choir and member of Amnesty International and marksman king AND Bruno’s MURDER!

Bild123The NEW labels ofBild121



Bruno Schillinger, incarcerated  in Germany in a dark, small room due his skin disease (NO daylight allowed). Government refuse daylight/cancer protection, all rights incl. ‚access to justice‘ and Human Rights.

Feb. 2013 doctor gave information ‚your ship has sailed in 5 years‘ due kidney damage (caused by public authority). Bruno phoned for aid, support – NO answer, NO aid, NO support! Government is waiting until he died and close file.

This is a small view – further details on websites below – ATT all is on web since years AND including names and this without any protest of criminals against humanity.


Who can give helping hand as volunteer to manage all in Scotland. Who has information, e.g. relocate Bruno to Scotland or found charity or lawyer,…..  all is helpful.

1. take Bruno home to Scotland – alive to spend his last days in dignity

2. take Bruno home to Scotland – boxed for his last rest

3. FOUND A CHARITY – WHY? The health damage und death of Bruno is caused by German authorities, government – so we seek a lawyer which can claim in name of charity after Bruno’s death. The money has to be used for Scotland. Bruno had some ideas (plant trees‘ eagle, support other, details anytime – first keep Bruno alive as long as possible, stop execution of Bruno by Black/Bloody Forest Government.

4. When will Bruno come home? ASAP – first clarify all in Germany as good as possible. Bruno said that there seems a possibility that Germany has to pay if he stay abroad (incl. health costs) – but government refused any counselling, any support.

5.All is helpful

6. List of Websites ASAP

THE murderer of Bruno http://dassindbrunosmoerder.wordpress.com (German)

THE Butcher of Black Forest http://stoptheexecutionofbruno.wordpress.com/  (English/German)

THE Krauts are back! http://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/ (English/German)

was 1st Website – incl. report where public authority confirm their faults http://5jahrehartz4.wordpress.com/ (German)


Contact form and data ASAP


*death notice English 600dpi final max 25 frame






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