quick overview

we SAFOB (Supporter And Friends Of Bruno) are former colleagues and give him a helping hand – approx 2 hours weekly).

We seek volunteer which can and will support, give aid. Phone Bruno +49-(0)7665-930450 or sned an e-mail with subject ‚volunteer‚ to aidforbruno@hotmail.com – we try answer in some days – if you wait send again please (their is a lot of spam in mailbox and search didn’t work sometimes).

includes in every letter very often!

Please only phone/call 0049(0)7665-930450 with Bruno Schillinger. Because he can’t read itself at present by the ill-treatment by ARGE / District Office/ Social Court and we are not on site! The authorities denied any assistance, no reading loud machine, or any counselling!

Bruno got a lot of offers, but they were often ’strange‘ – sounded like made by bureauKrauts, missed information,… Same when others asked Bruno for aid, information, hints. Some stories sounded like in trash tv. very interesting were people which send a lot of books which we should read aloud to Bruno. WHY? How many calories have these Bits and Bytes?

Further websites:

http://5jahrehartz4.wordpress.com (basic in German, includes report where bureauKrauts confirm the sabotage of Bruno’s new job and that they know the skin disease (2005).

http://dassindbrunosmoerder.wordpress.com (the murder of Bruno – German)

Stop The Execution Of Bruno – Crime Against Humanity In Germany TODAY


THE Butchers of Black Forest * * * * * THE Murderer of Bruno




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