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Die for truth and human rights!

1 Why is Bruno executed?

He tried to investigate the dubios death of his father and the entanglements of a CDU politician (Christian Democratic Union) in this death. Why was his father in agonie in hospital for weeks and the poliican did not inform family? Why took he € 33.000,- in cash from account of dieing and the father died with € 0,00? Besides this politician is paid by same jobcenter which destroyed some jobs, didn’t inform about laws,…..! Why? Simple, if Bruno has good paid work, he can investigate and pay lawyer and bring the politician in jail. Besides, jobcentre confirmed te own job sabotage in own report and no supervisor did investigate. We assume they did and decided ‚KILL BRUNO, instead of our murdering colleagues‘!

2. Why didn’t Bruno die, not yet (today Sep. 27/2014)?

German Krauts blocked diabetic kideney treatment on August 15, 2014 third time – some month before for 4 weeks second and in 2009 for 9 month. In 2009 we took Bruno to UK and rescued his life – with eye- kidney damage (irreparably). The 4 week blockade was brooken, when a person gave him medicine – this was not legal, but no attorney did anything. Bruno will do all, that he not die, but this is not in his hands.

3. Why no sunshine?

Sorry, NO DAYLIGHT, not even sunshine, is forbidden and cause skin burn. This know all politicicains, bureauKrauts and torture Bruno by refusing daylight/cancer protection and incarverate him in a dark room, isolated from world and human. Besides, with protection there are 30 minutes daylight allowed, ONLY 30 minutes.

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