Foundation in memory of Bruno and other unnamed victims of bureauKrauts/politicians/racists

Bruno has considered how his death is not meaningless.
How he can help others through his death.
And so the criminals against humanity are not relieved by death and also resume its demands for damages, pain and suffering do not expire. 

Some ‚ideas‘ to help by foundation:
– Plant trees in Scotland
– Eagles and other birds in UK
To start support for people to their own companies –
We are looking for
– Volunteers can help and want
– Attorney who is doing this all fights to the last instance (European Court of Human Rights, because cheating German courts and protect the criminals, their officials colleagues, as they have already proved to Bruno)
Work basis:
all the money (interest) is for the targets – costs are fairly reimbursed (no cash machine, self-service, such as in Germany) – everything is public –


No glue for foundatioan name, not yet.

for humans foundation – for other foundation – for life foundation – ????????????

More on that soon – first the other pages






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