His Murderers

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Mayor and muncipal of village March # regional council # Government, and all MP’s of BLOOD FOREST # Pope Francis, Vatican, church, Caritas # German Federal President Joachim GAUCK # and more…….. The (grotesque) faces of the evil …and some unknown murdered Bruno! 

Address list/www/phone/fax – end of page

† German Chancellor / CEO of Christian Democratic Union (CDU party) Mrs. Angela MERKEL – she shelter her party fellow/district administrator – accept that disabled were named ‚asshole‘ by district council, etc. – don’t stop and command so execution of disabled again like in Nazi era – no investigation again, no food, medical treatment, vital medicine, etc. = EUTHANASIA! ………….

Bundeskanzleramt Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1 D-10557 Berlin fax +49(0)30-18400-2357

CDU party Office Klingelhoeferstrasse 8 D-10785 Berlin fax +49(0)30-22070-111

Private http://www.angela-merkel.de/ # http://www.facebook.com/AngelaMerkel # chancellor http://www.bundeskanzlerin.de/Webs/BKin/EN/ # CEO of CDU party http://www.cdu.de/vorstand/dr-angela-merkel

picture131 flagWinfried KRETSCHMANN*, prime minister of Blood Forest, ordered execution of Bruno Schillinger!

His staff ‚what should I do, if Kretschmann does nothing?‚ (Mr. Menzemer state advocate) when we claimed for human rights. The personal secretary of Kretschmann: ‚we are Informed definitely on everything‚.

Compare list of his Blood Forest vs Islamic state [next]

* member of Diocesan Council, Central Committee of Catholics, Donum Vitae, church choir, Amnesty International, marksman king, GREEN Party, host of Pope Benedict and Bruno’s assassin! [his websites – state ministrypersonal]

Every person which a human refuse food, essential medicine is a murderer, a bestial, brutal murderer! Even if this is for government and all Members of Blood Forest  neither attempted murder or another crime  We document on these pages, the assassin of Bruno. They all had the opportunity to stop these crimes against humanity – to save the life of Bruno. A simple phone call would have sufficed.

United Nation/Geneva: An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are by their nature unlawful, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and may be carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces and police.

Amnesty International  Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience……..

They assassin below, refused his food, diabetic kidney drugs, daylight skin cancer protection, medical treatment, ‚access to justice‚ or ‚assigning a lawyer‘ (UN CRPD – despite of skin/eye damage), own oath of office, constitutional rights, human rights, faith, humanity.

Refusal of ‚access to justice‘ or ‚assigning a lawyer‘ (despite of skin/eye damage) – we are excited to see how quickly the courts run for their actions to cover up this criminals against human rights now. And how they explain that they want to protect yourself while they let people die. Or why they ignored our offers ‚all at and all on table‘ since years.
Incidentally, for years, everything is documented on other websites – with attribution and without any protest of the perpetrators.

BGnumber_BrunoSchillinger_bygaelicThe tattooed number on arm – symbol of NAZI/KRAUTS euthanasia! This may never happen again!


They and some unknown murdered Bruno! 

Mayor and muncipal of village March # regional council # Government, and all MP’s of BLOOD FOREST # Pope Francis, Vatican, church, Caritas # and more…….. like power company which switch of electricity by order of orime minister Kretschmann (state is owner of the energy supplier 94,5%)
former pages: 
http://dassindbrunosmoerder.wordpress.com/ # http://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/the-murderer-of-bruno/ (starts website middle) #

Village March [LINK] – regional council

http://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/the-murderer-of-bruno/ (starts website middle) # PLUS here:

 Mayor Josef HUEGELE [LINK] and the complete muncipal [LINK] which refuse food, medicine, welfare law, constitution, human rights and wait that the citizen Bruno is dead! March – village full of Murderer?!

 † This are  local mayor Martin KOPFMANN and parts of muncipal of their party UBM [LINK] and especially of Holzhausen (part of March) [LINK] – attention Mr. Rolf LORENZ is neighbour of Bruno, didn’t phone and wait to his death too. Excerpt party constitution of UBM (Independent Citizens‘ List March), ‚We are there for you!‘ or ‚Acting instead of reacting * We are socially in the responsibility towards the people in need‘ * We are Christian …‘ etc. .. * (comment: not for humans or disabled people, disabled due own bureauKrauts, politicans)

This is the member of municipal council Josef FUERDERER (GREEN) who Bruno wants to banish from the village and demanded that Bruno should go to an insane asylum (voluntarily) because Bruno also food, could get diabetes drugs there. (09/11/2014) – voluntarily, because their is no legal reason to send Bruno there, even his fight for truth, human rights, humanity and that he has proofs about the crimes of human rights of bureauKRAUTS and politicians). Besides, an excerpt of constituion of GREEN party: …. The focus of our policy of human being with his dignity and his freedom. The inviolability of human dignity is our starting point. It is the core of our vision of self-determination and advocacy for the weakest….

Green March (# 17)
Born: 63 years old
Current Location: MARCH-Holzhausen
Marital status: married, two children
Occupation: electrical engineer
Important Honorary Appointments …… for a long time at the volunteer fire department and many clubs
If I am elected, then … .. the social and village together is close to my heart and the shift towards alternative energy sources is very important for me.
pictury and further details here website, news Badische Zeitung
– all GREEN candidates [LINK]

picture131 flagGovernment, state of BLOOD FOREST and all MP’s

– state parliament website ALL MP’s [next]

– Crime against humanity – The Murderer of Bruno [next]

– Compare list Blood Forest vs Islamic state [next]

– travel warning Black Forest – Blood Forest – Schwarzwald [next]

Member of German Federal Parliament

GREEN party: ALL members of Green party were informed – no one did anything = Green assassin!


death notice English 600dpi final max 25 frameJoachim GAUCK, Federal President of Germany

Calls for military intervention for human rights – denied human rights in Germany and denied people their food, diabetic kidney medications and let them die!

A ‚true(typical) German democrat/Kraut! Blame other for crimes, kill own people!

[his website]

Pope Francis, Vatican, church, Caritas

Pope Francis Insigne

NEW – Pope Francis, why do you execute Bruno? Pope Francis, why do you torture Bruno? Pope Francis, we ask again: Who is more human? Beheading hangmen/terrorists or your Christian church/assassin/hangmen torturing, starving people?  † Pope Francis, why are you so heartless, so callous, so relentless, so mercilessly?

Our summary: NO FAITH – NO HUMANITY – NO GOD! Pope Francis, his bishops/church betray faith & GOD – kill/slaughter human!

CRY FOR LIFE! IGNORED – Pope Francis allow that disabled human may be murderer again, like in Nazi era.

Pope Francis, Vatican, church, Caritas was informed about mistreatment by order of the brother in faith Kretschmann (GREEN party, prime minister of Blood Forest, member of central committee of Catholics, diosesan and Donum Vitae, king marksman, ….. and murder of Bruno).

They were informed that Kretschmann refuse Diabetic- Kidney medicine – no phone call, no aid!
They were informed that Caritas promised aid and did nothing!

Besides, did you know that German bishops make the oath to state and government (Reich Concordat 1933 with Adolf Hitler) BEFORE they can became their Episcopal Ordination

WHY? Why an oath to Recih and Fuehrer before Episcopal Ordination? Why no oath to faith and humanity?

CARITAS Motto: see distress and act

president prelate Peter NEHER [LINK] – [Wikipedia]

and more……..like

power company [LINK asap] which switch of electricity by order of crime minister Kretschmann (state is owner of the energy supplier 94,5%)

† Addresses of Bruno’s torturer, executor, criminal against human rights †

† German Chancellor / CEO of Christian Democratic Union (CDU party) Mrs. Angela MERKEL

Bundeskanzleramt Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1 D-10557 Berlin fax +49(0)30-18400-2357

CDU party Office Klingelhoeferstrasse 8 D-10785 Berlin fax +49(0)30-22070-111

Private http://www.angela-merkel.de/


chancellor http://www.bundeskanzlerin.de/Webs/BKin/EN/

CEO of CDU party http://www.cdu.de/vorstand/dr-angela-merkel

† Prime minister of Blood Forest: Mr. Winfried KRETSCHMANN – Richard-Wagner-Str. 15 – D-70184 Stuttgart Tel +49(0)711-2153-0 (antechamber -231) Fax: +49(0)711-2153-340 (antechamber -221)

his official website http://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/regierung/ministerpraesident/

government English pages http://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/en/home/

GREEN party & personal website http://winfried-kretschmann.de/

† Chief Federal Prosecutor Mr FRANK – Brauerstrasse 30 – D-76135 Karlsruhe fax +49(0)721 819159-0 http://www.generalbundesanwalt.de

† Federal Constitutional Court president Mr. Andreas VOSSKUHLE vice Mr Ferdinand KIRCHHOFF Schlossbezirk 3 – D-76131 Karlsruhe fax 49(0)721 9101-382 http://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/EN/

† Minister of Social Affairs Katrin ALTPETER aSPD Schellingstr 15 70174 Stuttgart fax 0711-123-3999 (antechamber 3992) http://sozialministerium.baden-wuerttemberg.de/

† Minister of Justice Rainer STICKELBERGER aSPD Schillerplatz 4 70173 Stuttgart ph +49(0)711 / 279-0 Fax: +49(0)711 / 279-2264 http://www.jum.baden-wuerttemberg.de/

† Minister of Interior Reinhold GALL aSPD Dorotheenstrasse 6 70173 Stuttgart ph +49(0)711 / 231-4 fax +49(0)711-231-5000 http://im.baden-wuerttemberg.de/

† President of Regional Council Baerbel SCHAEFER fax +49(0)761-208-394200 – fax antechamber +49(0)761 208-1006 www.rp-freiburg.de/

† District administrator Dorothea STOERR-RITTER CDU Stadtstrasse 2 79098 Freiburg fax +49(0)761-2187-78001 anteroom and 9999 switchboard

District council http://www.breisgau-hochschwarzwald.de/

District administrator http://www.breisgau-hochschwarzwald.de/pb/Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald,Lde/Start/Landkreis+_+Politik/Landraetin+Dorothea+Stoerr_Ritter.html



YOUR diocesan Kretschmann and YOUR church do it again!Pope Francis, you, your church, Caritas murder human to shelter crimes against humanity of your brother in faith Winfried Kretschmann!          WHY?Pope Francis, WHY act you against faith, commandment ‚You shall NOT kill‘, against humanity?


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