beheading by church

Pope Francis Insigne Pope Francis, why do you execute Bruno? † Pope Francis, why do you torture Bruno? † Pope Francis, we ask again: Who is more human? Beheading hangmen/terrorists or your Christian church/assassin/hangmen torturing, starving people?

NO answer – NO aid – NO medicine – NO food – NO medical treatment – NO human rights

NO radiation – NO daylight protection – NO skin/cancer treatment NO heart – lungs – eye – teeth – ear – backbone treatment Just pain! Bruno can’t even eat, speak, breath without huge pain! Please, don’t speak with same stupidity like staff of your brother in faith Kretschmann ‚Bruno should phone for a doctor‘ or ‚dentist came to you‚ and this for an hard jaw operation in general anesthesia.

† Pope Francis, why don’t you stop your assassin, your brother in faith, your diocesan, your member of central committee of Catholics and Donum Vitae and church choir Winfried Kretschmann (Prime Minister of Blood Forest) and your archbishops? † Pope Francs, why don’t you stop this extrajudicial execution? A phone call would stop! † Pope Francis, why you support, command racism – torture – malnutrition – beheading? † Pope Francis, why ignored you, your church all of our offered clarifying meetings? † Pope Francis, why are you so heartless, so callous, so relentless, so mercilessly?


Pope Francis, his bishops/church betray faith & GOD – kill/slaughter human!

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Pope Francis I.                                                                pages 2

And to whom stand for faith too and it may concern Disabled cry for his life – Your Diocesan Kretschmann, your church, Caritas murder human! Your German archbishops keep silent, wait for death of victim.

Via del Pellegrino – Citta del Vaticano

For submission to Pope Francis – we ask for input relay acknowledgment, thank you

Personally – Open letter – and to every human stands up for faith

Was send to your bishops below, never got any answer, never any sign of humanity or faith

Archiepiscopal Ordinaries of Munich Archbishop Reinhard Marx F 089/2137-1585 089/2137-1478

Archiepiscopal Ordinaries of Freiburg Archbishop Burger – Archbishop Zollitsch – Bishop Uhl (Caritas) Schoferstr. 2 * 79098 Freiburg Fax 0761 / 2188-505 / 0761 2188-76233

Apostolic Nunciature Archbishop Nikola Eterovic Lilienthalstraße 3a * 10965 Berlin Fax 030-61624300

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger only 0049(0)7665-930450. Because he can’t read currently (eye damage), by the abuse of the ARGE / welfare office / Social Court itself and we are not on site. The possible assistance (technical, etc.), is denied by public authorities!



† Pope Francis, why do you execute me? asking Bruno

† Is there any difference between ISIS and Christian church?

† We remember the little child mistreated, punished do death!


Dear Pope Francis, Dear Human in church,

After a hard week with diabetes shocks, suffocation attacks, high eye pressure/damage, crossing fingers for his life, we send you the fundamental question of Bruno….:

 Pope Francis, why do you execute me? Why do you torture me?

and claim for your answer.

We ask: you: Who is more human? Beheading hangmen/terrorists or your Christian hangmen/church torturing, starving people?

Beheading is quicker and less pain – instead your execution with denial of food, vital medicines, medical treatment = huge pain by every breath and every word, waiting for next suffocation attack or hard heart stroke, stay in darkness,…….. So beheading is more human than Christian faith.

United Nations OHCHR (High Commissioner for Human Rights) / Geneva ‚Any use of lethal force by state authorities, which are not justified on the right to life under provisions shall be considered as an extrajudicial execution .. “ Amnesty International Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience… Besides Kretschmann is member of Amnesty International

When Bruno die, we blame every informed, acting person as his murderer. Your Caritas made a mistake – but instead clear, investigate, or even ask Bruno direct, all ignore the victim and follow the lies to vanish the mistake and betray the faith, commandment ‚You shall not kill‚. and so God


AGAIN: Is there a difference between ISIS and Christian church? NO – both murder human, both are assassins, both act against own faith, both promise better life after death and act against God!


We have to say that you, Pope Francis urge a disabled human to suicide. e.g. if Bruno eat a bite he get a diabetic shock – if he don’t eat to void this shock he starve. If he stay in darkness he had NO skin burn and NO food – if he would leave, he had a bit food, but a very hard skin burn plus cancer and can’t eat for days than his lips bleed plus huge pain.


Question: Why don’t you (your bishops) stop your brother in faith with a simple phone call?

As every Iman could issue a fatwa against beheading, murdering terrorist, so you could stop the execution of Bruno with a simple phone call to your brother in faith Kretschmann or your bishops. But you did nothing and execute disabled! No one phoned Bruno, gave humanity, aid, faith.


Pope Francis, some personally question:

† how long you have to wait in case of toothache to a dentist appointment? (you can see the picture of Bruno’s broken, bleeding teeth with huge pain).

† how long do you have to wait for a heart treatment or diabetes kidney medicine?

† how often have you hunger or nothing to eat? † can you eat what you want and need?

† can you go out for a simple walk outside to enjoy god’s world and built vitamin D?

† can you meet other people for conversation, social contact,…..?

† can you get medical treatment, medicine, incl. medical suction machine that you not suffocate, heart (gurgle, hard strokes), blood pressure 180/130), radiation, pain treatment, LifeMonitoring….?

† can you get advise, opinion,… from other? Conversation with others?

† can you ask a lawyer, advisor, when you want?

You may all – Bruno may noting – either accept blackmail, vanish truth, die or starve.


Pope Francis, acted you, your church/Caritas according faith, commandments – Yes or No?


Pope Francis, we wait for next inhuman comment like ‚what’s wrong, Bruno is staying alive, not dead‘ of your church/Caritas/party member. Or you will never get any aid, as long you claim for law, human right, faith or your life. You have to wait until we give you a bit, anyone. But as long your friends ask this: you get nothing! Pope Francis, ask your brother in faith Kretschmann:

Have you Prime Minister Kretschmann, acted at Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstr. 1 79232 March according to your Christian faith, commandments, social legislation (SGB), federal & state constitution, constitutional court, Human Rights, UN Convention Disability Rights (Federal Law) Yes or No?


We remember the little child (3 years old, under the care of District Office since birth, support 8 hours daily at home) mistreated, punished do death by his stepfather. His death was avoidable! Had your brother in faith Kretschmann made his work, when we claimed in June 2013 the problems in district office, their incompetence and arbitrariness against Bruno. But no one did anything All ignored even as doctors reported mistreatment, claimed for aid, foster family, but no one spoke to them. This child was stained by your brother in faith Kretschmann and his burreauKrauts!

 Light a candle government blood forest frame base


To the deeds against humanity (like your brother Kretschmann) said Dr. Martin Luther King:

‚Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal‘


Bruno will fight until his last breath for his life, human rights and humanity – he will never accept blackmail of your brother in faith – he claim human rights, humanity, truth and investigation the death of his father or die – and we name his murderer! (Court decision of storming flat) here a main page


We know it was senseless, but we offer meeting ‚all on and all at same table‚ again. If anyone is interested just phone the victim of political/Christian persecution Bruno.


If there is a human which can give aid, humanity, every little helps! Support his funeral here in U.K. or that he can spend his last days here. That he may die in dignity. Join:


† Pope Francis, is there really no humanity, no more faith in your church? †

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger only 0049(0)7665-930450. Because he can’t read currently (eye damage), by the abuse of the ARGE / welfare office / Social Court itself and we are not on site. The possible assistance (technical, etc.), is denied by public authorities!


Supporters And Friends Of Bruno Schillinger (SAFOB)

We SaFoB are too far away and can not get to us again to England him. As in the July / August 09 when we could rescue his life – before unspeakable authorities, who refused him food and diabetes treatment. And YES, WE do what we can!