Light a candle for Bruno

Light a candle government blood forest frame baseOUR Human RightsEveryone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’

picture131 flagBLACK FOREST TODAY: Torture, incarcerated without daylight, extrajudicial executions, euthanasia – NO kidney and NO diabetes medications since 15/08/2014 = 3rd murder attempt by refuse of vital medicines – NO human rights – handicapped human have NO right to life – commanded by Winfried KRETSCHMANN prime minister of BLOOD FOREST and assassin of Bruno. (The 5 drops symbolize the Bollenhut, part of a typicall Black Forest costume)

Listen World – Euthanasia in Germany – they slaughter humans again!

Doctor informed Bruno ‚your ship is sailed in five years‚ (Feb. 2013). We asked causing bureaucracy, politicians, court for aid, support, life care. They did nothing – wasted 2 years of life. A state jurist denied human rights with ‚what should I do if Kretschmann does nothing?‚, legalizing so the extermination command of his Prime Minister Kretschmann and all MP. They wait for death of Bruno! On Oct. 9th 2014 they send special police troop to storm his room and cut off the LifeMonitoring device. Police troop had seen the pain and distress – no doctor – no help – acted against humanity, human rights, like in Nazi era and they know it. The blue uniforms are back.

Certainly we offered clarifying meetings since years ‚all person and everything on one table‘ and were ignored, laughed out, or get answers like ‚We do not have competent employees for such meeting – where should we take them?‚ or ‚we don’t write you, than you can’t read‚ both CEO of Department for Disabled and refused information to medical treatment or reading loud machine.

We claim for medical treatment (heart, lungs, eyes, skin/cancer, radiation, kidney, diabetes, backbone, pain, teeth, radiation, blood pressure, ears, teeth, etc. treatment and especially daylight/cancer protection, life care!

We claim for truth and public investigation – all on web!

We claim for answers: e.g. ‚Have you prime minister Kretschmann GREEN acted according human rights, UN CRPD, German constitution and your own oath of office – YES or NO?‚ – Why were our petitions ignored and suppressed? – Same to all MP which accept this cruelty!

We claim for human rights! ‚Stop this political persecution AND execution!

We cry aloud ‚Stop The Butcher’s of Blood Forest and Warning! Product of BLOOD FOREST – BOYCOTT – don’t support racism, execution, euthanasia, crimes against human rights!

What happens next:

We are looking for a way that Bruno get aid, medical treatment, shelter, asylum abroad, that he can inhale sea breeze, see Northern lights, spend his days in dignity and built a fund for other human – that Bruno’s death is not senseless! (Germany has to refund all expenses e.g. dialysis)

Bruno, what will you do? Stay alive and fight as long as possible – want to spend last days in freedom, liberty and dignity. Built a fund that my death is not senseless and compensation can used for other and personally I would like once again inhale the sea breeze, see Northern lights.

We expect complete damage soon (right kidney area hurts permanently, ‚gurgles‘ in heart area, eye pressure changing, blood pressure 180/130, etc.) = sentenced to death. Att. this is no suicide mission – Bruno will never accept blackmail like by judiciary ‚diabetes treatment when you accept incapacitation“ (certainly neither investigation nor aid).

Statement of personal antechamber of Prime Minister Kretschmann was ‚we are definitely informed‚.

– The Butcher’s of Blood Forest have proven that they never give any aid, support, or stop execution or stop blackmail e.g. by judiciary ‚diabetes treatment when you accept incapacitation“. So German judiciary commits crimes against human rights. Personal antechamber of Prime Minister ‚we are definitely informed‚. Bruno has to starve like other victims of Blood Forest government (e.g. a man from Burkina Faso died on starvation in prison of Bruchsal/Blood Forest on August 09th 2014).

– Or will they kidnap Bruno again, arrested without warrant, abducted abandoned without water, food, medicines * will vanish in a secret prison or die during transport …..?

The Uncomfortable question of Human Rights to ALL politicians & bureauKrauts

Have you acted according the Human Rights – Yes or No?

Have you acted for citizen – Yes or No?

Will MP’s stop this crime against humanity? NO, never!

The MP of Blood Forest agreed that ‚refusal of food, diabetes medication is neither attempt murder nor any other crime‚. # The MP of German Federal Parliament agreed 2010 (due local member) that they do nothing and the new parliament continued this crime. # The MP of European Parliament remain silent and accept so the crime against human rights and own European Charta of human rights. # All use pretext ‚not my responsibility‚ and ignore that stand for human rights, humanity is everyone’s duty!

Volunteers for Human Rights are welcome # Please inform human rights NGOs # Light a candle! # If you can give aid, support, advice, etc. everything is helpful – thank you.

Personal words:

Dear Friends,

I thank for your time. I know that I die and I know that a lot of you can’t advice or support personally. I know that my fight will not even a drop in ocean. Doesn’t matter. I say thank you for every aid, conversation and support which you made to me or other human in need – I assume you can give aid, support, advice in your neighbourhood.

Stand up for human rights and humanity. From human to human, from heart to heart, that’s all for a better life of all on world and the only way to change it.

Thank you from bottom of my heart and live a good life.


PS No Surrender, of course, never surrender! Our conversation offers for clarification and investigation remain! I’ll fight till my last breath for truth and human rights!

Contact addresses:

Bruno no executionBruno Schillinger * Bachstrasse 1 * 79232 March/Germany * ph +49 (0)7665-930450 please att. GMT+1 and that no one (not yet) is on his site to read letters, e-mail – we happy when we have time (after work, family,…. ) support Bruno ****** new, here on facebook   Scotland Arm Left by facebook we take bruno home right up  

Prime minister Winfried Kretschmann (GREEN PARTY)

Ministry of state of Baden-Wuerttemberg * Richard-Wagner-Street 15 * 70184 Stuttgart * Fax 0049 (0)711/2153-340 switchboard -221 personal office * ph 0049 (0)711/2153-0 switchboard -231 personal office * websites: Personal * ministry * Or send private letter to Mr. Winfried Kretschmann * Litschenberg 4 * 72488 Sigmaringen/Germany

Claim ‚Stop your torture, extrajudicial execution, euthanasia! Act according Human Rights! NOW!‘ *

Ask him: e.g. ‚Have you prime minister Kretschmann GREEN acted according human rights, UN CRPD and your own oath of office – YES or NO?‚ – Why do you have embezzled our petitions? # When will you fulfil your oath of office?

President of Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck we asked for Human Rights and were ignored * Office of the Federal President *Spreeweg 1 * 10557 Berlin/Germany * ph +49 (0)30 2000-0 * fax +49 (0)30 2000-1999 * *

Pope Francis by wikipediaPope Francis I. – Please stop your brother in faith, member of Diocesan Council of Freiburg, member of Central Committee of Catholics, member of Donum Vitae, member of church choir of Laiz Mr. Winfried Kretschmann – don’t ignore longer his cruelty and crimes against human rights and your own faith, like your archbishops Eterovic (your German nuncio), Marx CEO of bishops council, Zollitsch (former CEO), Burger (Freiburg) and Caritas CEO Prelate Neher did.

For submission to Pope Francis – and to every human stands up for faith too. Disabled cry for his life – Your Diocesan Kretschmann, your church, Caritas murder human! Your German archbishops keep silent, wait for death of victim.

Via del Pellegrino – Citta del Vaticano –

Vatican – some inside fax numbers:

0039066861245 * 0039066868810 * 00390645434185 * 00390668212899 * 00390669873017 * 00390669880803 * 00390669881935 * 00390669882014 * 00390669883132 * 00390669883412 * 00390669883675 * 00390669884172 * 00390669884300 * 00390669884494 * 00390669884526 * 00390669884532 * 00390669884845 * 00390669884998 * 00390669885088 * 00390669885178 * 00390669885255 * 00390669885303 * 00390669885361 * 00390669885365 * 00390669885426 * 00390669885518 * 00390669885553 * 00390669885568 * 00390669885793 * 00390669886821 * 00390669887214 * 00390669887272 * 00390669887311 * 00390669887368 * 00390669887557 *

picture - link to WikipediaArchiepiscopal Ordinariate of Munich Archbishop Reinhard Marx Fax 0049 (0)89/2137-1585 0049 and (0)89/2137-1478

Archiepiscopal Ordinariate of Freiburg Archbishop Burger – Archbishop Zollitsch – Bishop Uhl (Caritas) Schoferstr. 2 * 79098 Freiburg Fax 0049 (0)761 / 2188-505 / 0049 (0)761 2188-76233

picture - link to Wikipedia

Apostolic Nunciature Archbishop Nikola Eterovic Lilienthalstraße 3a * 10965 Berlin Fax 0049 (0)30-61624300

  death notice English 600dpi final max 25 frame    death notice German 600dpi max_2 25 frame

German bureauKrauts and politicians are completely infested – e.g. Member of municipal council demands that Bruno should disappear from the village of March asap. He has never spoken to Bruno, denied the contact, the aid and claim that Bruno should go to an insane asylum, where he could get diabetes and kidney medications. Unbelievable! Inhuman! Completely stupid/incompetent! German Politicians! Both are GREEN politicians! Or local mayor which send a supporter away with ‚I’ll do nothing for Bruno Schillinger‘. Same, he never spoken with Bruno.

Why is Bruno send to death? He claimed for investigation on the dubious death of his father and entanglements of a politician/bureauKraut. Didn’t accept the lies, abuse of office/position. So first the extortion and blackmail by ‚judiciary: diabetes medication by incapacitation‘ – or ‚food, aid by incapacitation only‚ started. NO investigation to shelter colleagues! Meanwhile extrajudicial execution.

Besides, same politician working/paid by jobcentre which sabotaged his job’s (IT, full time, permanent) that he earn no money (shelter so colleague/CEO/politician) and incarcerate Bruno in room without daylight.

His questions were and are:

Why did my father, after weeks of lonely death agony, die alone, without family?

Why didn’t you inform the family?

Why did you say doctors in hospital ‚I informed family, but they aren’t interested“?

Why didn’t you inform family and used time to fetch his savings (33.000 EURO) in cash from his account? Why had my father not even one coin for phone or tv?

Why did you cremate my father? Against our protest and your promise!

Why have you used 10 years old powers of attorney? Why did you hidden the new powers more than 3 years? Why did the attorney (same party?) nothing?

Additionally Bruno fought for Human Rights in Germany and against mistreatment due job centre and other bureauKrauts: ‚First they take away from you the bare essentials, then they deny your rights, then they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then criminalize / torture you and then they will kill you ……….‘

Further information on Websites – if you can’t believe this German cruelty – think all is documented since years, including name of the offenders, torturers – without any protest of torturers.

Our last mission: WeTakeBrunoHome # (expired, all medical information, pictures) # WWW.IGG.ME/AT/HEAL-AND-TAKE-BRUNO-HOME/ expired was donation page for funeral

German (main page – includes public authority report confirm the sabotage of permanent, high paid IT job) #   the murderer of Bruno # court allowed that police troops stormed his flat

Light a candle for Bruno! Cry for life and human rights!

light 2725 UKUS final 02

56 picture131 flag


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