Rescue Bruno Stop killing Krauts

Stop extrajudicial execution – Rescue life of Bruno – Stand up for OUR Human Rights! ‘Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’

Meanwhile Bruno is politicial prisoner – no one knows WHY! Secret judicial proceedings! NO fair hearing! Monday March 21st 2016 – 17:30 police rang, arrested the very puzzled Bruno and brought him directly into prison – no information why (Insult???)! Court verdictBut no one knew of any judicial proceeding. Secret trials as in every dictatorship!  ‚INSULT‘ was the only rumor, and no information who sued or was insulted. Bruno’s handicaps, caused by government were ignored (e.g. can’t read at moment and government deny reading loud machine or any other support, call instead handicapped human as ‚ASSHOLE‘). So he become POLITICAL PRISONER on behalf of German chancellor MERKEL (Christian Party)und prime minister of Blood Forest KRETSCHMANN (Green Party) – 89 days in prison with torture by DAYlight and ‚food‘ (sugar, noodles, white bread by diabetes # salt by kidney damage and high blood pressure # lactose by pffffff # and a lot more # no movement, only in cell # no watch, for weeks no radio, tv,… nothing # wrong drugs/medicine # …..

Bruno politicial prisoner of German government ask for aid Bruno politicial prisoner of German government

diary, cell description, food, …. here:

short link

BrunoSkinBeforeStartLast X-MAS of Bruno? ‚Why are you still alive? ask govern­ment, commanded Bruno’s extrajudicial execution! Since years incarcerated in small, darkened room! NOT enough food! NO medical treatment, radiation, daylight/cancer protection! This is political persecution, torture, execution, Nazi euthanasia!

picture131 flagBlack Forest the BLOOD FOREST – government and all MP confirm euthanasia ‚deny of food, diabetes medicine due government is neither attempt murder nor any other crime‘. Village of March – centre of racism! Pogrom ‚Bruno should leave village asap – he should go to insane asylum where he could get diabetes medicine‘ by municipal – mayor remain silent, not even a comment when in night was shouted ‚Sieg Heil‚. Nazi swastika was nearly 50 years on a monument. German bureauKrauts, politician are assassin, murdering cowardly from ambush, e.g. Nazi SS officer Klaus BARBIE ‚The Butcher of Lyon‚.

We accuse chancellor/PM/MP/bureauKrauts of crimes against human rights!

Bruno’s crime: He want know why his father died mysterious and entanglements of politician. Why didn’t he inform family? Why he has forbidden the hospital to inform Bruno? Why had Bruno’s father die lonesome in hospital? Why was his father cremated and buried anonymously by command of politician with forged documents? Why had he no time inform Bruno, but time to catch the savings of dying father from bank in cash? Prosecutor, minister of justice, party fellows support/shelter politician. Next crimes: Job Centre (pay politician salary) work ban (confirmed in own report), deny of food, vital medicine – illegal arrest by police on order of politician – 2009 no food, diabetes treatment, rescued in UK with eye/kidney damage (irreparable)! Government informed including lab results, no answer, no aid until today – Feb. 2013 doctor said: ‚your ship is sailed in five years‚ due kidney damage by government. Again: no one phoned, gave aid, instead blackmail ‚diabetes treatment when you accept incapacitation‘ by government/justice. Police raided his room, destroyed emergency phone system ordered by district administrator. NO assigning of a lawyer NO access to justice! ‚Asshole‘ by head of authority! Medical documents were embezzled, responsible head of Job Centre promised investigation / answer (was Feb. 2012). Next proof of euthanasia / execution: public health doctor is informed since years en detail/pictures, e.g. hearth problems (strokes like sledgehammer), blood pressure 180/130, skin disease (NO daylight without protection), necessary radiation, daylight / cancer protection, diabetes, kidney, bleeding wounds, etc. did NOTHING! This medical officer act like his predecessors in the Nazi era, for example, Josef MENGELE MD and officer of German Schutzstaffel (SS) in Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz, where he slaughtered thousands of humans in his experiments, as other millions in Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau. The MD reports district administrator (fellow party member of chancellor), who reports government!

This list is endless, so we have to accuse government, bureauKrauts waiting to Bruno’s death by extrajudicial execution, a crime against human rights! Legal in Nazi era: “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal‚! Chancellor MERKEL CDU, Blood Forest PM KRETSCHMANN GREEN are informed (antechamber confirmed ‚we are informed about all‚), blocked aid, investigation, human rights. Uncountable other victims, like Alessio 3 year young boy, mistreated and brutally slain (under care of same district office), or starved prisoner (guards, etc. gave NO aid) and more.

We ask for your aid – Bruno promised: ‚I’ll fight until my last breath for truth and human rights‚ – Bruno need DAYlight/cancer protection & breath support (Pharmacia only), med. treatment/dentist, (change inside screws (teeth, fingers) due malnutrition), physiotherapy, food (diary allergy, no salt), supporter, charity foundation, lawyer and he seek conversation with other humans! All costs have to reimbursed by criminals against humanity and will used for other victims. Bruno will not alive, when this happens! Therefore we need lawyer / foundation to manage it after his death, incl. ICC/Den Haag.

Bruno’s last wishes: asylum to spent his last days in freedom, less pain and die in dignity, as doctor said. UK preferred, sea air helps breath and he worked there, feels familiar. At moment no possibility support? Transfer this cry for life to other humans, charity, politician, press,…. all is helpful. Thank you.

Help please, give humanity and shelter! incl. pictures of health damages & data of torturers (German)

Please call Mr. Bruno Schillinger +49(0)7665-930450 (GMT+1 house arrest). At moment he can’t read, no one is personally on his site, no reading loud machine. Direct aid: Mr. Bruno SCHILLINGER * Bachstrasse 1 (street) * 79232 March/Germany (zip/village) * data of Pharmacia, food market (voucher)

We say thank you in name of humanity and Bruno Schillinger,

from bottom of our hearts.

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Boycott Germany & BlackBlood Forest

Black Forest Tourist Office is lead by district administrator/government!

Merkel pic by German government kretschmann pic by ministry of stateTHEY EXECUTE BRUNO!







They deny any investigation! Cowardly for a phone call!

‚The denial of food, Diabetes treatment by government/authorities is neither attempted murder nor any other crime!‚ confirmed by Merkel/Kretschmann/MP – again Nazi euthanasia by German government!

What happens next against Bruno and human rights?

Again illegal arrest or imprisonment, Gulag, insane asylum all typical methods of each dictatorship plus ‚died on Transport‘. Or in the end: aid, food, human rights and public investigation of these crimes,

United Nations OHCHR Any use of lethal force by state authorities, which are not justified on the right to life under provisions shall be considered as an extrajudicial execution… Amnesty International Extrajudicial executions are a fundamental attack on human rights. They violate the human conscience…

Did you know, that in Germany murdering terrorist (shot & killed ten German humans, nail bomb a lot injured, other bomb, bank robbery) got four lawyer paid by same state, which should be destroyed and paid money for terrorist supporters – in press: the seems paid the gun!

Question: Where is the difference between:

– The murdering, bombing terrorist of ISIS (Paris, beheading, etc.)

– The murdering, bombing terrorist of German NSU (shot & killed ten German humans, nail bomb in Cologne, other bomb, 18 bank robberies) – the surviving Nazi terrorist Mrs. Zschaepe got 4 lawyer paid by German government (since last week a fifth lawyer)

– The murdering, torturing German bureauKrauts and politicians, make euthanasia against disabled like German Nazi,- ex. The 3 year young boy Alessio was mistreated, punished to death was under care of same authorities/bureaukrauts who slaughter Bruno and other.

Can you find any difference? All are murdering, torturing and slaughtering humans!

† Addresses of Bruno’s torturer, executor, criminal against human rights †

† German Chancellor / CEO of Christian Democratic Union (CDU party) Mrs. Angela MERKEL

Bundeskanzleramt Willy-Brandt-Strasse 1 D-10557 Berlin fax +49(0)30-18400-2357

CDU party Office Klingelhoeferstrasse 8 D-10785 Berlin fax +49(0)30-22070-111



CEO of CDU party

† Prime minister of Blood Forest: Mr. Winfried KRETSCHMANN – Richard-Wagner-Str. 15 – D-70184 Stuttgart Tel +49(0)711-2153-0 (antechamber -231) Fax: +49(0)711-2153-340 (antechamber -221)

his official website

government English pages

GREEN party & personal website

† Chief Federal Prosecutor Mr FRANK – Brauerstrasse 30 – D-76135 Karlsruhe fax +49(0)721 819159-0

† Federal Constitutional Court president Mr. Andreas VOSSKUHLE vice Mr Ferdinand KIRCHHOFF Schlossbezirk 3 – D-76131 Karlsruhe fax 49(0)721 9101-382

† Minister of Social Affairs Katrin ALTPETER aSPD Schellingstr 15 70174 Stuttgart fax 0711-123-3999 (antechamber 3992)

† Minister of Justice Rainer STICKELBERGER aSPD Schillerplatz 4 70173 Stuttgart ph +49(0)711 / 279-0 Fax: +49(0)711 / 279-2264

† Minister of Interior Reinhold GALL aSPD Dorotheenstrasse 6 70173 Stuttgart ph +49(0)711 / 231-4 fax +49(0)711-231-5000

† President of Regional Council Baerbel SCHAEFER fax +49(0)761-208-394200 – fax antechamber +49(0)761 208-1006

† District administrator Dorothea STOERR-RITTER CDU Stadtstrasse 2 79098 Freiburg fax +49(0)761-2187-78001 anteroom and 9999 switchboard

District council

District administrator,Lde/Start/Landkreis+_+Politik/Landraetin+Dorothea+Stoerr_Ritter.html

ALESSIO 3-year young boy, mistreated, punished to death – under care of her administration: District administrator/party fellow of chancellor AND lawyer stated in the press ‚have acted to the best of my knowledge and belief‘. But why not for ‚justice and law‚? Alessio had not been mistreated, were still alive, she would have put him in a foster family. How stupid is a lawyer claim for ‚knowledge and belief‘ instead of ‚justice and law‘ and how stupid is his staff (600 person in administration)? Unbelievable stupid or just German Krauts?

Besides, all responsible administrations above remain silent, hiding behind desk – NO investigation,

No sorrow to the little child, punished to death. They could have prevented all this, you would have stopped the District administrator, as she maltreated Bruno Schillinger, tortured.

Alessio was under care in autumn 2013 but Bruno is tortured since 2005 and in spring 2013 the leading staff of district council confirmed incompetence of the own district administrator. Certainly government was informed and did nothing.

They ALL have the blood on little Alessio on their hands – incl. Chancellor Merkel, party fellow of district administrator!

† Job Centre Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald Executive Director Dagmar MANSER Lehener Strasse 77 79106 Freiburg fax +49(0)761-20269190 (AA FR +49(0)761-2710-499),Lde/289915.html?ma=1798997,Lde/-/BWW+service_bw/;amtsID1798936

† Municipality of March – Mayor MURSA local council Gemeinde March – Am Felsenkeller 2 – 79232 March – ph +49(0)7665 / 422-9000 fax +49(0)7665 422-9099 –

† All member of authorities, etc. – e.g. all 600 members of district council were informed by mail/fax and remembered to her duty to citizens and oath of office and Constitution, Human Rights – NO answer, NO humanity, NO Human Rights !

Every person who refuse another human food, (vital) medicine,

is a murder and criminal against human rights!

Other involved, informed person, racist, murderer, criminals against human rights:

Pope Francis, Vatican, all German bishops, municipals, etc. – incl. church in village MARCH † NO aid = sentence to death

All MP in Germany NO aid = sentence to death

All MEP in Brussels/Strasbourg NO aid = sentence to death

ICC Den Haag NO aid = sentence to death

† more asap

Fundamental questions, which could bring quick solution! Chancellor, prime minister, etc. ignore are cowards and murder from ambush! Or why ignore they question like human rights? Why ignore they our meeting offer ‚all at one and all on table‚ since years?

Have Chancellor Merkel CDU / Prime Minister Kretschmann GREEN, in case of Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstr. 1 79232 March acted according social legislation (SGB), Constitution, human rights, UN Disability Rights Convention (Federal Law) – Yes or No?

Chancellor Merkel CDU / Prime Minister Kretschmann GREEN, (etc.), you commit themselves to the oath of office, constitution, human rights, UN CRPD (Federal Law) – yes or no?

What is the legal base (after the 08 May 1945 end of the Nazi regime) you deny a human the right to life, let him mistreat, torture, execute, die? The images, documentation prove that you are committing a crime against human rights, or act on base of laws before the 05/08/1945, or your employees are typical bureauKrauts.

On what basis you justify the service capability / contractual capacity (incapacitation, care) of their employees / friends in the party despite the proven fraud, torture, crimes against human rights?

Written in every letter (beginning/end/in text and every footnote) and ignored:

Please contact Mr. Bruno Schillinger only by phone. Because he can’t read at moment by the abuses of the Jobcentre / social security office / Social Court, and no one is on his site. In addition, the possible assistance, technical or otherwise, is denied by the authorities!

This torture/execution is done with knowledge and therefore also on the orders of CDU Chairwoman/Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann BW GREEN!

* (German – Includes Court order of storming his apartment for insulting and link to: NEW request for a preliminary injunction against Prime Minister Kretschmann GREEN inter alia to grant / adherence to human rights, constitution, state constitution, social laws, UN CRPD (Federal Law) AND medical supplies (diabetic kidney), medical treatment, irradiation, food, legally entitled benefits. …

If possible any computer/parts or phone. His computer (homebuilt 2003) was destroyed by Police, donated notebook (1998, 128 MB RAM, W98) & mobile phone (S45i/2005) don’t work.

† Picture with some health damages – caused by government

donation picture hardcopy webseite gesicht zaehne

Skin damages due diabetes/cancer? (April 2015) – bleedings         * bruno ellbow 02 bruno ellbow 01 bruno ellbow left 20150427

Bleeding wounds in mouth – medical treatment refused lost_teeth_partBurned lips due DAYlight

bruno lips daylightburn 01 bruno lips daylightburn 02

evensome pictures, than government/bureauKrauts are informed, but did not help and laugh about pain, etc. !

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Local welfare office – Mrs. Katja BODEN head of office – deny Welfare Law and send Bruno away with ‚go to church, they have money, they should donate‘ – this are crimes against constitution and human rights!